3 Things To Consider When Marketing Your Brand in 2020 and Beyond

2020 has been an interesting year for everyone – for a couple of obvious reasons I don’t think I need to point out.

For us, and everyone who had to work from home, things changed drastically. We let our wardrobe (that didn’t include sweatpants and lounge wear) collect dust, we didn’t touch our make up for weeks and it felt like we were always on Zoom. Another thing we noticed is how the event space has completely changed! We used to love attending seminars, workshops and talks with a lot of very interesting and well experienced people in our industry – all that happened face to face, with a tea and coffee station, fruit salad bar and a delicious array of pastries.

Things look a little different these days. For me it’s more like, at my desk in our hustling and bustling office with a half-finished, cold pod coffee from our Nespresso Machine (our offices pride and joy), my air pods and a left over salad from Botanica, as I tune into the new life of virtual summits.

The latest summit I tuned into was Mumbrella’s Automotive Marketing Summit – where a couple of the Automotive Industries market leaders in marketing came together and tackled the biggest marketing challenges we’re currently facing. As the Account Manager for our Automotive Client, Grand Prix Mazda Aspley, I was definitely wearing my car hat when tuning into this summit, but the strategies I took away with me were things which we can apply to all of our clients at Collaborative Media Group. Come along as I go through my top 3 take-aways from the summit that will be valuable for everyone.

Connectivity is more important than ever! And people lead people through choice.

One of the first talks of the summit was led by Sam McOrist and it was all about Extreme Disruption.

Markets are changing so rapidly as our environment evolves and our consumers values and needs are evolving with it. For example, the automotive industry is facing extreme disruption with the electrification of vehicles, connected cars, digitisation, urbanisation, environmentalism and more. Amidst all of these changes in consumer knowledge, one thing remains – people buy from people and the importance in having a strong brand is more important than ever.

People are being faced with a paradox of choice every day, and now more than ever, it is important for the customer and employee experience to be strong, as it will become critical to your success and the strength of your business in a time of change and uncertainty. A positive customer experience promotes loyalty, brand advocacy and customer retention. This all begins with the brand and the brand’s culture – so put the time into creating and nourishing a brand that creates connections with customer, educates customers, is personal and listens, to create the best experience possible. This will pay you in dividends when your business is faced with periods of uncertainty and disruption.

Are you taking responsible risks? Be disruptive!

Next up in the Summit was Alex McLean and Lucio Riberio on New Channels and More Business and how we should be leveraging positivity.

The key take away here was that every market is competitive - you need to be thinking outside of the box and be willing to test new channels and platforms. This means keeping up to date with the consumer behaviour and trends. MINI did just that, becoming the first ever automotive company to use TikTok to promote the launch of the MINI’s EV range. At what is initially a decision which leaves you with a lot of questions as to why, MINI’s decision to use this platform was driven by their desire to talk to the next generation of car buyers and drive positivity.

There is a perception that the audience on TikTok is predominantly very young, however roughly 50% of TikTok’s global audience is under the age of 34, with 26% between 18 and 24. The key for MINI was the importance of exposing the positivity of the brand and future proofing it, which means being adaptive with their future audience. TikTok was the perfect place to start with an average engagement rate of 29% and their installs have been up by 96% YOY.

The key takeaway here is to make sure you are thinking about how you are building a brand long term, associating with audiences over the next decade – how are you future proofing your brand? What does your future audience think of you now? Are you being adaptive?

Fail Fast, Pivot Faster – The New Storytelling Economy

Kurt McGuiness from Volkswagen Group Australia joined the panel, leading a new way of thinking when it comes to evaluating corporate storytelling and applying it to the automotive marketing strategy.

One of the key points from Kurt’s talk was how people are consuming all forms of content differently. People are consuming their media differently now days and they aren’t receptive to the shiny, super salesy, shallow kind of messaging (not to dumb us down). Instead, we are much more receptive to more authentic, behind the scenes, zero fluff kind of content – why do you think reality television is such a hit?!

Now more than ever, consumers are more switched on and brands are needing to come up with fresh, inventive and engaging ways of connecting with their consumers. Storytelling harnesses the power of people and allows brands to tell their story in a highly engaging and transparent way.

In today’s world, consumers value and crave transparency more than ever. Volkswagen maximised their budget through their content creation by capturing behind the scenes content at the shoot of their New Zealand 4 motion event. Their rationale here is that showing audiences how the campaign was created via storytelling and taking them behind the scenes, makes the messaging much more authentic and relevant to the audience. Making the final result that much more powerful.

It was a great event!

I learnt a lot and also, reconfirmed much of what I already knew. It is great to see that what we already do for our clients, is recognised as the way of marketing a brand in this new era. Above it all, it is important to remember it all begins and ends with your brand, your customers and your staff. What this pandemic has taught us, is that connection is more important than ever.

If you are interested in talking to us about how we can future proof, pivot or create connections for your brand, we’d love to hear from you!

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