Staying connected, creative and adaptable using content in a pandemic

Where we find ourselves and the power of content to keep business relevant and thriving and keep customers engaged if you're in a period where they cant trade like normal.

Did you know that during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, Facebook saw a 70% increase in usage of all it’s apps? In a time where we are physically forced to become disconnected, people are turning to social media to keep entertained, connected, educated and informed more than before. So what happens when we find ourselves in a period where our business can’t trade like normal and must rely on digital platforms and the power of social media to stay relevant, connected and engaging?

One of the first things to be pulled when finances are tight is marketing, however what we all found during the initial wave, is that businesses who were consistent with their activity and branding found that staying relevant and engaged with their customers, as well as bouncing back, much simpler than those businesses who didn’t.

Now, more than ever, it is important for businesses to approach all of their marketing, social media included with intent.

One thing that remains is that content AND consistency is still King (yes, with a capital K!). Saying this, finding yourself in a situation where you are limited in creating new content, it’s time to think about your content strategy now so you can remain consistent and engaging when you might find newly produced content hard to come by.

Can you use your knowledge and expertise to educate your customers and provide them with free value? How can you utilise and repurpose existing content (more on this later!)? Does your content strategy have longevity? Are you able to quickly make changes and turn to your social media accounts to connect with your audience when you are prevented from doing so in real life?

Work smarter, not harder.

Finding the time to create content for your channels is hard enough as it is! So when you find yourself living in a world of unexpected lockdowns and a looming pandemic, you can’t always guarantee that you’ll be able to physically be in your business creating content.

We already know that maintaining a digital presence is essential in a pandemic, but how is that possible when your day-to-day business needs to come to a grinding halt?

There’s no need to stress, unlike being an outfit repeater, you’re actually allowed to repurpose content you’ve posted in the past to help fill those gaps in your socials and boost your digital presence. Posted a how-to video before? Why not make a blog post repurposing that information? Or maybe you’ve received a great testimonial on your website? It can be as easy as converting those warm and fuzzies into a social media tile.

The possibilities are endless, and there isn’t even too much extra work required, just take a look at some ideas below:

  • Use blog content to create bite sized posts on your social media

  • Utilise surveys or statistics to create social media posts

  • Create relevant quote tiles for your business

  • Post throwback content

  • Turn a blog post into a podcast, youtube video or Instagram stories.

  • Create a video answering FAQ’s

  • Create an infographic

  • Create case studies using internal data

It’s important to build content a few months in advance so you're able to set a foundation and fill those gaps that may arise if your business is forced to close or move online. This way, you’ll be prepared for whatever COVID-19 throws your way and thus, be able to prioritise what is most important in your business.

Stop waiting until next week to get organised. With the world more unpredictable than ever, getting your content sorted now can only help your business stay strides ahead of the rest. If you need an extra hand planning or creating your content, get in touch with us today!





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