The 3 Unexpected Reasons You Should Be Using Pinterest For Your Business

When thinking of how best to market your business, Pinterest may not be the first thing that comes to mind. After all, Pinterest is probably more the digital scrapbook you go to when you want to find your next haircut, or are looking to redecorate your living room… right? We’re telling you right now - this is NOT the case. Many people conflate Pinterest with being a social media platform, when it’s actually not at all. Pinterest, in actuality, is a search engine! This definition alone means great potential for marketers; while platforms like Snapchat and Instagram are more about curation, the idea of pinterest is to inspire and plan. Unlike many sites, where the game is to get followers, Pinterest users seem very content to simply find stuff and share it with small groups. Pinterest users are keenly interested in what’s trending - a behavior that translates well into the kind of influencer businesses like to attract. With 200 million monthly users, it may not be a behemoth like Facebook, but it’s an important search engine with deep penetration in valuable demographics - and here’s why. 1. Consumers Use It To Purchase (And Even Plan Future Purchases) If you think Pinterest is best left to wedding planners and beauty bloggers, then you’re missing out on an incredibly valuable market. In fact, a recent study found that while ideas indeed are the primary reason people go to Pinterest, increasingly, pinners are turning to the platform to shop in huge numbers. The study found, in fact, that 87% of pinners have purchased something they’ve seen on Pinterest, and a massive 93% intend to do so later. 2. It Gives Valuable Consumer Insight The same study also gave some awesome insight into the relationships consumers have with what they’re pinning. Would you believe that a massive two-thirds of pins represent brands or products? A concept of the platform that is probably often overlooked by marketers, this kind of information indicates that consumers using the platform to create a vision of their ideal self. If you’re looking to create more meaningful engagement between consumers and your brand, evidence would suggest that utilizing Pinterest could really facilitate that process. For example, one of the great things you can do with Pinterest is use look into what’s trending with your target market. By following anyone who follows you, you will get a first-person look into their mind. It gives you the opportunity to see and understand what your consumers are interested in, and allows you to then use that information to position your services and products. 3. Inbound Links Create More Traffic To Your Website Often a forgotten feature of the platform, every pin on Pinterest includes a link. This makes it really easy to lead it back to the source of the image - just think, how many visitors can you bring to your website by simply posting images of your products? A lot, in fact! To be more precise, recent research has shown that in some instances, Pinterest is even more effective at directing website traffic than Facebook. This is great news if you rely on your website to fuel your sales and marketing, or if you need to generate traffic in order to increase leads or sales. As Pinterest evolves, we’re sure there will be even more great reasons to get started on this fast-growing social network. At Collaborative Marketing, we’re passionate about keeping up to date with the ever growing media landscape. We’re committed to providing the best strategies for you and your business, and love seeing the results as they flourish. If you need help integrating Pinterest into your business or would like to talk to us about how we can help you and your business grow, get in touch with





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