What Makes These Australia’s Most Memorable Easter Campaigns?

Easter in Australia. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear those words? For some, it might be the nation’s outrage over chocolate eggs inevitably going on sale earlier and earlier every year, and more recently, even months before the holiday. For others, it might conjure an image of Australia’s answer to the Easter Bunny; the native (and objectively adorable) Bilby, whose dwindling population we strive so fiercely to defend at this time every year. At Collaborative Marketing, the phrase reminds us of the Easter Campaigns that have made a mark on our memory. We’re sharing with you the good, the bad and the ugly of the advertising campaigns that have stuck to the Australian audience like glue every Easter, as well as the reasons why we’ll never forget them.

The Cadbury “Live Easter Egg Hunt”

In 2017, Cadbury  launched a first of its kind social experience for Facebook Live, bringing the joy of a Cadbury Easter to all Australians. Wanting to create an experience that would remind all Australians of the happiness an Easter Egg Hunt brings, in 2017, during a one hour live post, hunters searched the animated world looking for Cadbury Easter eggs. Eagle eyed social media users were encouraged to log on and scour a virtual landscape for fiendishly hidden eggs during a one-hour event that drew 220,000 spotters from across Australia who between them posted 70,000 comments, and the first person to spot an egg and comment was rewarded with real Cadbury chocolates for Easter. By pushing the boundaries of future creativity, this campaign proved it’s success by marrying new world tech with old school 2D animation.  

The Grill’d “Bunny” Burger

Cast your mind back to 2017, and you may remember the country’s shock at Australian Burger Chain, Grill’d, and their decision to market a burger for Easter made from real rabbit meat. The ad showed off the new rabbit burger, comically wearing fluffy rabbit ears, by posting the picture accompanied by the following caption on their Facebook page: “Move aside choccy eggs, this Easter we're bringing you the Bunny Burger. That's what's up, doc.” Thousands took to social media to express their distaste, with many even saying they were willing to boycott the company due to its faux-pas. While the consumption of meat is subject to a broad range of opinions, the fact that Grill’d advertised a product in a comical (and morbid) manner surrounding a children’s Easter favourite wasn’t received positively by their audience. In 2018, Grill’d attempted to redeem themselves by marketing a new type of “bunny” burger - one that appealed to the audience they had offended the year previous, by making it completely vegan. Some praised the company for attempting to fix their mistake, while others demanded a formal apology from the company (one that was never received).

Baker’s Delight “Hot Cross Bun” Campaign

Baker's Delight has launched its 2019 Easter campaign through an early morning 'freshly baked at 3am' commercial series. In a nostalgic nod to the brand’s older advertisements, the new campaign celebrates the charm and magic that comes to life in the bakery, while preparing its famous range of hot cross buns. The first commercial in the series launches two new characters for the brand - two bakers whose imagination run away with them in the early hours of the morning. The ad maintains the cheeky and playful tone for the campaign, while establishing a new platform that enables the brand to highlight their evolving product range. Providing the brand with flexibility, the campaign enables them to expand on a fun series of ads - which will assist them to talk about the breadth and depth of their range throughout the year. At Collaborative Marketing, we know the best strategy for your brand, no matter the time of year. The Australian media industry is always changing - but lucky for you, we know how to keep up. You’d have to be hopping mad to not see how we can help, so send an email to to find out how we can help breathe life into your business’s marketing and advertising strategy and watch as we help you plan and achieve your goals all year round.





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